Dutch & Co

Dutch & Co is company registered and based in Accra, and specialized in energy efficiency.

The company is fully licensed by the Energy Comission of Ghana to import Renewable Energy and PV Solar products, and install and maintain Renewable Energy and PV Solar installations.

Our mission is to decrease electricity consumption by using LED lighting, and increase supply of electricity by using PV Solar and provide to our clients durable solutions in time and on budget.

We offer a wide range of long-term LED & Solar solutions, products, and services; from site inspections, retrofit installations and the engineering, procurement and construction & installation of lighting and solar plants.

Regarding Solar we handle roof mount as well as ground mount or free field, as well as complete PV car port installations.

With our in-house team of well trained and expereinced technicians, we do not just take responsibility for Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction but also execute the role as Operation & Maintenance partner.

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